Joining the Plan:

You will become a participant in the plan on the first day that your employer contributes to the plan on your behalf under the Union's collective bargaining agreement, Annuity Trust agreement, or other agreement with the Trustees.

Employer Contributions:

Your Employer is required to make contributions to the plan on your behalf based on the collective bargaining agreement, Annuity Trust agreement, or other agreement with the Trustees. The amount contributed is determined by that agreement.

Managing Your Investments:

Under the plan, you direct the manner by which your account is invested. For this purpose, the plan offers a range of investment options.


The amounts properly credited to your account under the plan are always 100% vested. Vesting means ownership. You are always 100% vested (in other words, you have complete ownership subject to your spouse's rights as required by ERISA) in your account (adjusted for investment gains and losses).

Accessing Your Account:

The plan allows you to borrow from your account and/or withdraw from your account under certain circumstances.


When you retire or otherwise, when eligible, cease covered employment, your account balance will be paid to you, or you may elect to have your account transferred to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or another qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan. Under certain circumstances, you may also elect to defer the distribution of your account.

Spousal Rights:

Under the applicable Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), your spouse has rights regarding your ownership of your account.


An Employer is a defined term that, in substance, means one is required to make a contribution on your behalf.

Notice To All Employees Of Employers That Contribute To The Cement And Concrete Workers District Council Annuity Plan

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